What is estate planning

Estate planning touches everyone at some point in their lives. Having the right person in charge in the event of disability or after death is the key to any plan. The benefit of having a thoughtful, thorough and written estate plan is to ensure that your financial and medical well-being is managed by others that you trust.

You can provide that legal authority using methods that avoid the courtroom (power of attorney, advance directives, HIPAA releases and living trust agreements). If you don’t have those documents in place, then someone (which could be just anyone) will have go to court to get the authority to act on your behalf (conservatorship, guardianship and probate).

We view estate planning as successful if it is designed to meet three goals:

  • You keep control
  • You stay out of court
  • You limit how much tax you must pay.

We provide basic as well as advanced planning needs including powers of attorney, advance directives, wills, living trusts, estate/inheritance tax planning trusts, charitable trusts, business entities and other methods. A thoughtfully written estate plan can make sure that your wealth is protected during your lifetime and later distributed in an age-appropriate manner to members of your family or your community. This can include trust funds for beneficiaries that lack the ability to manage assets due to illness or injury.